I think I should pray for….

Kemarin di mobil, sepulangnya Raja dari sekolah…….

M : “Are you happy today honey? Did you have fun at school today?”

R : “Yes, I’m very happy and I had loootts of fun!”

M : “So what did you do at school today?”

R : “I did a lot. I play (di bagian ini dia cerita panjaangg…bla..bla..bla…soal gimana tadi dia maen sama temen-temennya 😀 ), go to pee (penting ya nak ini diceritain??? :D), take my meal and I eat all the veggie ma! And oh ya, I learn about color pattern today.”

M : “Oh really? So everything was fine for you?”

R : “Yes, everything is fine, I did everything very well… But..i feel sad for **********”

M : “Why?”

R : “Because she doesn’t understand about pattern yet and she didn’t listen to Miss..”

M : “Really? I feel sad for her too.”

R: “Yes, so that’s why I think I should pray for her so she can be nice at school and she can learn well.”

M :   🙂


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