Harvest Moon on October 2020

This year, we said goodbye to September with the gibbous moon painted gracefully in the sky….

The Gibbous Moon on Sept 30th 2020

Then, we welcome the month of October with the full harvest moon hanging beautifully above our heads…

The Harvest Moon on October 2020 rose at around 17.50

And we’re thankful because we only need to look out of our window to enjoy these beautiful sights.

Kalau teman-teman bagaimana? Can you see the full Harvest Moon from your place too? This October will have two full moons. The first one is the Harvest Moon at the beginning of the month and the second one is Hunter’s Moon that will occur at the end of the month. So, wishing you clear skies and wide open eyes!

Welcome, October!

Like the moon it shall be established forever, a faithful witness in the skies.

~Psalms 89:37

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