Why Turtle Walks Slowly?

Yesterday, my son asked me this question, “Ma, why turtle walks slowly?”

At that time, I almost reply, “Maybe, because it has to bring its heavy home wherever it goes and maybe also because it has four big legs which make them hard to walk faster.”

But then, I decided to hold the answer in my mouth, soon after I realized that I will use the word ‘maybe’. Well, I must use that word because I wasn’t sure if that’s the correct answer. Since I was child, all I know is that turtles are famous for the slowness of their movements. I have heard and read the fable about the turtle and the rabbit since…I don’t know..maybe since I was a baby and I grew up with the theory in mind that turtles are slow.

But are they really slow?

If they are, then is it true that it’s because of the thick shell and big legs?

I wasn’t sure and when I’m not sure, I will not make it like I’m sure, so if I have to answer the question right away, I can’t help but using the word ‘maybe’.

But, I’ve been dealing with this critical little fellow for years, so yeah I know, using the word maybe can cause troubles for me and it will only make me drown in the ocean of more and more critical questions.

So I decided to hold the answer and asked him to give me time to find out the answer.

Thanks God, he agreed!

So then, I googled about turtles and their slow movements.

I finally found the answer and it was surprising.

I thought it is their anatomy (especially the shell and the legs) that makes them slow. The shell is thick, heavy, and hard….so they cannot walk fast.

But I was wrong.

The fact is turtles are not always slow. Some of them can even run! Don’t believe me? Then you should see this video 😀

The conclusion of my searching is…

Turtles don’t have to walk slowly. They just don’t need to walk fast.


Here are the answers.

First, most of them are herbivores so they don’t need to chase their food.

Second, they are already protected by the thick shells, so they don’t have to be worry about the predators. If predators come closer, all they need to do is hiding inside the shells.

Third, speeding around can only leads them to bad things, including being noticed by the predators.

Fourth, most of them are great swimmer, so they just want to conserve the energy while they are in land to be used in the water.

Fifth, they just want to enjoy the life. If it’s not necessary, why must be fast? Walk slowly and the world will be a better place….haha…. it’s only my own theory actually 😀

So then, I was happy that I can come home that day with the answers in my hand and it was so wonderful when my son smiled from ear to ear as he heard my explanations, which means the answers satisfy him.

At last, he came to the conclusion, “So the tale is not all true. The turtle is not that slow, I think he won the race not because of the rabbit fell asleep. He won because he can run faster than the rabbit.”

Errrr……not really sure, but I think someday you can make your own experiment about that. Anyway, thank you darling for asking me that question. If not because of you asked me, I would never try to find out about the turtles’ fact 🙂

21 respons untuk ‘Why Turtle Walks Slowly?

  1. Pantes kura2 panjang umur, mereka menikmati hidup n less stress sih huahahaha *sotoy* interesting facts yg aku baru tau ini lis 😀

  2. Hai, Mba Allisa..
    Reading your article, makes me realize that I am one of those who grew up with fables and tales but rarely asking “why”.. not a critical child… 😄
    Thank you for sharing… Nice info.. 😊

  3. Liiiiis…
    mungkin itu juga alasannya kadang aku suka lelet banget yah Lis, karena ingin menikmati hidup aja gitu lhooo…bhuahahaha..*mulai mencari pembenaran untuk diri sendiri*

    Eh, eh, tapi aku kaguuum banget ama dirimuh lho Lis, berusaha keras cari jawabannya demi Raja. Aku juga inget duluuu dirimuh pernah browsing dan riset masalah pohon apaaaa gituh yah, gara2 pertanyaan Raja..hehehe…
    Raja is so lucky to have you as a mom 🙂

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