Bring Him Home Safely…

It’s *TOO* late at night.. It’s dark and cold because of the rain outside.

I’m tired and all my muscles and nerves are begging me to take a sleep.

I know, I have to take a rest after a thankfully tiring day..

But I can’t even close my eyes.

Not while my husband is still on the way home. It’s too late for him. And I’m pretty sure that he is feeling so much tired right now while he is driving.

Much more tired than me of course….

All I want now is his arrival at home, as soon as possible..if it’s possible so that all of this worries can fade away.

O GOD, please take care of my husband… Please bring him home safely..

For my beloved husband : Please, drive as safe as possible. We’re waiting for you here, pa and we just can’t wait to see you…

We love you so much even more than all the words can say!

6 respons untuk ‘Bring Him Home Safely…’

  1. Say, jujur yach klo inget kmu dl yg manja banget, aku gak nyangka lho kmu bs tangguh2 aja jauh2an dr suami n mamamu, hehe… Salut buatmu, say!!

    1. Ah, sel…kamu bikin aku jadi malu, hehe…cm berusaha nguatin diri aja kok Sel, kan ada Tuhan Yesus 🙂

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