Ein Weiterer Ausflug


I don’t even have time yet to tell you what we did in Jakarta but now we are preparing our self for another trip. This time we’re going to Lahat. Yes, we’re going to my husband’s place tomorrow night since my husband is going to be inaugurated as a Manager for a unit called Tebing Tinggi. The inauguration will be held on Thursday in Lahat Branch Office and as his wife, I have to accompany him in the ceremony. We are planning to stay there for 2 days and therefore we also have to bring Raja (plus his nanny) with us 🙂

It’s gonna be the first time for Raja to visit his father workplace and I hope he’ll enjoy this trip. It’ll be a long hours driving from Palembang to Lahat and it’ll exhaust my son’s energy. But I believe he’ll be fine, because our Lord will always take care of him.

I still very busy here, I don’t have time to photoshop our pictures in Jakarta and well, I didn’t even go back home for lunch :(, so it seems like I have to tell the ‘Jakarta Story’ in another time, maybe I will just combine it with the ‘Lahat Story’.

So…see you next time everyone…

Have a blessed day!!!

*It seems like it is just another unimportant post 😀 *

4 respons untuk ‘Ein Weiterer Ausflug

  1. Ok, hati-hati di jalan ya, Jeng. Kebayang deh persiapan yang mesti dilakukan untuk perjalanan ntar… Betul sekali Jeng, serahkan semuanya kepada Tuhan maka Dia akan membuat semuanya berhasil. Ya, Tuhanlah yang akan menjagai Raja dan juga semuanya. Btw, selamat juga untuk papanya Raja ya… Kapan nih diriku nyusul jadi manager? hihi… pns mah ga ada jabatan manager *ngarang*

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