Finally, the tasks i’ve done since three days ago are done!!

Fiuuuhhh… it makes me feel so much free to fly away to Jakarta tonight, hehehehe

You know what, from yesterday until this morning I felt a little worry I cannot finish all the tasks given to me. I have to finish all of the tasks this week. That means, if I want to take a day off for tomorrow then finishing all the tasks today is a must for me. Yesterday, I went home without any results and considering the progress, I felt pessimistic I can do it on time…

Last night, I prayed to GOD to help me. I knew for sure that I can’t leave my job undone. I can’t go to Jakarta if I don’t finish it. I prayed to GOD to give me just a little miracle. Yes, all I need was just a little miracle from up above. I also asked my husband to pray for me.

This morning, I went to office earlier. Yesterday I left my computer on to do the automatically task I’ve set before and what a tragic when all I can see on the monitor was just the information that the operations have failed… Oh my GOD!!!

So, I redo all the tasks from the beginning. As I said, I’ve done it since three days ago and there was no result I got and this morning I started all over again. It was still kinda impossible for me. But well, I would never give up. I used three machines, hoped that it would help me to finish it on time.

I prayed…and I prayed…

Once again, all I need was just a little miracle.

And the miracle was clearly given to me…

All the tasks have done in less than 3 and a half hour! Praise the LORD!!! Yes, YOU are wonderful o LORD!! I love YOU… I love YOU…and I know that I can always count on YOU, JESUS!!

So, in short time later, I will go home peacefully and with all of the happiness I’ll go to Jakarta with my little wonderful Raja…

See you soon, pa!!!

5 respons untuk ‘Fiuuuuuhhhhhh…

  1. Nah, tinggal aku nih yang mengharapkan mujizat karena lanjutan tugas di semarang kemaren. Hampir semua peserta kleyengan dengan tugas yang mesti diselesaikan, hehe…. But, im sure it will finish on time, coz God never leave me alone in a confusion 😀

  2. @Jeng Soes: beres jeng, nanti ku bawain oleh2 cerita yaa… Aku gak pinter bhs jerman kok jeng,cm tau2 dikit aja..

    @Bekti : amiiiinnn jeng… Tuhan Yesus gak akan pernah ninggalin kita. DIA ada utk menolong kita dlm segala perkara 🙂

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