Gerne Montag!!

What a day!!!

Today, there are many things that make my day.

First, my husband was finally arrived at Lahat dawn this morning. And I’m so thankful that he could make it safely and healthy. Oh, thanks JESUS.. I know that it’s YOU…

Second, my parents are also finally arrived at Jakarta after a long journey from London. He he, welcome back, Ma, Pa… thanks GOD you finally made it, and now we are just waiting for the gifts you brought from London 😀

Third, this morning, my aunt from Holland that never had any communication with my family found me on facebook!! She is the daughter of my grand dad’s older brother. Actually, she was born in Semarang *when my grand dad’s family came from Germany to Indonesia, they lived in Central Java*, but after years left this country, she doesn’t able to speak Bahasa Indonesia anymore. When she said that she is a daughter of Herman Krones, I asked my dad: “who is Herman Krones???” and what a surprise when my Dad answered, “He is your grand dad’s older brother!!!”  I was so happy when I knew about that. Well, actually, my family had lost contact with some of our families in Netherland and Germany and only few of them who still communicate with us. Therefore, I’m so glad and I’m so thanking GOD for allowing facebook to be created in this world that my family can be re-connected with all of our families all over the world.

Fourth, everything runs very well today. I could do my job well; my son is healthy and cheerful; the nanny and the maid are happy doing their job at home; the weather is nice; all of my families are in the good condition; and so on.. and so on…

I can’t even mention it one by one…

I always have more than thousands reasons to be happy.. It doesn’t mean that my life is perfect or I have no problems at all, but I always believe that it’s better for us to put the good things in the first place to be considered so we can be braver to face the bad things. After all, there’s nothing very bad in this world as long as we realize that GOD always protects us in all things. And well, I’ve got JESUS in my heart, whether I be afraid? 🙂

Hmm…this is the end of the day at office. I’ll be home in few minutes later and I want to make it fast… I miss my son greatly!!!

Have a blessed day everyone… Jesus Christ bless u!!!

8 respons untuk ‘Gerne Montag!!

  1. Hehe…… sukafesbuk-an ta Jeng? Aku jarang-jarang sih update status. Takut diculik, hihi 😀 😀 Tapi ada juga positifnya ya, bisa bertemu saudara tua 😀 😀

  2. Waaahhh senangnya yang mo kecipratan oleh2 dari London. Jangan lupa yah Bang Raja Zahia juga dikirimin barang sedikit 🙂

    Itulah Lis pesbuk tuh sisi positifnya adalah bisa mempertemukan dengan keluarga, teman, sahabat, yang puluhan taun terpisah. So tali silaturahmi tetap bisa terjaga 🙂

    Have a nice day yah Jeng 🙂

    1. Beres, Zahia, tar Raja bagi oleh2 cerita yaaaa….wkwkwkwkwkwk

      Iya, San, facebook mmg punya sisi positif yang sangat bagus yaitu mempererat tali silaturahmi. Yah, segala sesuatu kan mmg ada positif-negatifnya. Yg ptg skrg kan gimana caranya spy yang positif ditingkatkan dan negatifinya diminimalisir 😀

  3. hehehe facebook menjadikan dunia ini makin sempit ya. Kalau bhs jawa FB itu “ngumpulke balung pisah” artinya mempertemukan saudara dekat yang lama gak bersua. Tapi saya sendiri bukan FB-er. Takut keranjingan aja dan blog jd terlantar *alasan* 😀

    1. Yupe, bund, facebook mmg bikin dunia jd sempit. Bs ketemu kawan2 lama yang udah puluhan taon gak ketemu, ketemu sama sodara jauh, juga ketemu sama org2 yang mmg gak pernah kenal sama sekali..xixixixi..

      Ah, klo kayak Bundit yang mmg hobi nulis sih keknya gak bakal deh meninggalkan blog demi FB 🙂

  4. wuichhhhh
    dapet oleh2 dari opa & oma

    FB gak jelek kan…
    tyetep OK

    mencari keluarga yang hilang

    tapi tetep ‘family name’ sangat membantu

    1. Hiyaaaa…ini dia yang udah lama menghilang dr peredaran!!! Kemana aja, da?? Gmn kbr Vian??

      Betul jg, da, family name mmg sangat membantu. Klo seandainya gak ada Krones di belakang namaku, nah trus gmn aunty ku yang gak pernah ada komuniksi sm sekali dgn kami bisa tau aku???hehehe… Jadi yah, bersyukur banget deh dgn adanya family name ini 🙂

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