Guten Morgen Meine Damen und Herren….

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90 : 12

Hello, world!! How are you there? I am so happy this morning and I hope all of you feel the same too. It was raining in Palembang, but then it stopped, and now the sun is shining so bright out there and it makes me happier. Anyway, it’s so great to know that it is already Thursday, that means we only need to spend one more day to reach the weekend, that’s cool, rite? All of the idea about weekend always make me *and I’m sure you too* feel more excited.

I always believe that time has wings. It flies so fast so that it makes me surprise when I realized that it’s already June. We are now in the middle of the year and in a wink the end of the year will come up in front.


Therefore, it’s true when the Bible says that we have to count our days wisely, because in fact we never have enough time to do the right thing. So many things to be achieved, so little time we have. Be wise in spending every single time we have, that’s all the best we can do. In other words, we can do something better than spending our time to download the porn videos with Ariel Peterporn as the star…wkwkwkwkwkwk… You know what, about four or three days ago, the internet access in my office got…slow because so many people were downloading the 3gp files of the videos of Luna-Ariel-Tari, that I have to thank my friend as the network administrator in my office for blocking all of the sites related to it. Since the day he blocked those sites, the internet access gets faster. By the way, for your information, I didn’t watch any of the videos yet, and I don’t even have any curious to see what they did in those videos 😀

Anyhow, I just dropped by here to satisfy my self to write something here. Even if I realize that I don’t have any talent in writing, I still love this kind of activity and somehow it fascinates me and it makes me more excited to start the day. Well, let me see, today I have to check the result of our customers’ NPWP registration in our database, querying the list of electrical stations needed by users in one unit that got confused between the old number of the station and their new names, and I also have to do a little programming to build a homepage of a new application named SiPINTER. Not much to do for today and I think I can finish it in time as long as there is no emergency call for attending any meeting.

Oooppss… I almost forget that today I also have to do other things related to my responsibility as a housewife. Today, I have to pay the electricity and water bills. The electricity bill for this month increases about 100 thousand rupiahs than the last month. It’s bad because it means we didn’t conserve the energy and it brings bad effect for the earth and of course for our financial condition too, hehehe… Sorry, that’s bad, and I promise next month will be better. I will try my best to reduce the energy consumption in our house. The energy saving is now a worldwide issue because it’s very important for the earth and our next generation survival. Therefore, anyone of us has to take part to conserve the energy, okay??

Well, I guess that’s all I can write here … I have to start working now…

Have a blessed day for all of you, fellas!!!


8 respons untuk ‘Guten Morgen Meine Damen und Herren….

  1. *Buka dulu sebelum baca postingannya dirimu, Jeng* hahaha……..
    Btw, bagian dibagian headernya ganti kulit ya Jeng :D. Fotonya ga seperti biasa deh.
    Hiuhh… Betul banget tuh, kita perlu menghitung hari-hari kita, supaya beroleh hati yang bijaksana. Aku heran, setelah baca postingan dirimu, sebenarnya aku juga baru siyap-siyap mo posting. Ceritanya ngeri deh Jeng*tutup kuping*. Tapi betul, itu mengingatkan kita supaya hidup secara bijak. Karena kita juga tidak tahu kapan maut menjemput kita.
    Have a blessed day to!

    1. hahahahaha…pasti hasil terjemahannya aneh2 kan??? Secara ni nulisnya asal2an aja. Gak tau kenapa, pagi ini pengen aja nulis in english…maka yah, dgn segala keterbatasan, jadilah kayak gini 😀 😀

      Aku jg udah baca tulisanmu, jeng. Yupe, qta memang harus senantiasa bijaksana memanfaatkan setiap waktu kita, karena kita tak pernah tau kapan saatnya…

  2. Hahaha, sama Lis gw juga kaga minat sama video bokepnya Ariel-Luna-Cut tari. Pasti gerakannya yah itu2 ajah, udah bisa ditebak, ga beda jauh sama senam SKJ. Lagian jijay bajay deh gw cuma Ariel gituh looooohhhh 🙂

    1. wuakakakakakak…setuju, San!!! Cuma Ariel gitu lohhhh…ih, kerennya di sebelah mana yak??? 😀 😀 😀

      Yuk San, qta senam rame-rame… 5..6..7…8!! 😀 😀

    1. hehehe.. Bener mbak, sama kayak slogan PLN juga: Hemat energi, hemat biaya, PLN juga jadinya gak empot-empotan ngelayanin kebutuhan listrik masyarakat 😀 😀 😀

      Salam kenal juga, mbak… tukeran link yuuuukkk….

  3. Hahaha yupe…writing is a great thing for starting our day. Luna-Ariel? Luna-Tari? Saya ngintip dikit 😀 . Oh ya ngomong2 soal energy….beneran udah pasti TDL naik 10% per 1 Juli nanti?? Kebayang deh harga2 pasti juga ikutan meroket 😦

    1. TDL naik per 1 Juli…keknya udah positif deh bund…. yupe, bener, kebayang deh harga2 pasti ikutan naek, yg pusing para istri kayak kita ya bund, musti tambah muter otak spy tetep msh bisa nabung 😀

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