Because…. we are the ONE….

Yesterday, i got this email from my hubby’s friend in Singapore..

Poltak is a good husband. When he told me about you, i can see very clearly how much he loves his wife and son..


I became embrassed and was touched when i read it!!!

Thank you so much, pa..

Thank you because we are always be the first – after the GOD – in your heart…

Thank you because you are always thinking all the best for us..

Other people can even view and assess, and much less our direct sense…

Thank you for everything, pa… it’s so wonderful to have u in our life… it’s so great to know that GOD has sent an angel to us in you…

The world is better because you are here, pa…

We love you so much… muaaahhh!!!!


Thanks for letting me know your thoughts after reading my post...

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