An Unimportant thing :)

I’ve finished my project (a web based office automation system for my office) yesterday. Well, actually it’s not really done yet, since I still have to write the manual book. I planned to write it this morning. But then, when I arrived at the office my friend showed me a blog. And suddenly, I found myself got too busy to read the blog and gave comments on it. The blog is quite interesting, it tells many things about Palembang, the city where I live now *So poor that the blog is more attractive than the city itself*. Started from the blog, I also read another blogs of its writers.. from one blog to another…

Time goes by, then I realized it was already ten o’clock and I didn’t even start my manual book!!! *SIGH*

So I opened the Microsoft Word and then started to write, beginning with the title.. then BLANK!!! I had no any idea… I wanted to figure out the flow of business process but I confused where to begin.. It was the first time ever something like this happened to me!!! Is it because of I started my day by reading something *or MANY THINGS* that is not related to my job??????

Therefore, I decided to write something here, to force my mind to think so I can be more ready to start my job.. I hope the manual book will be ready today so tomorrow I can start the user training stage.

O ya, by the way, last night my husband went home *to PALEMBANG of course*!! It makes me so happy as when I wrote the sad stories in Tonight and This Morning, I never thought that the joyful moment we used to feel when we get together will come over faster. And guess what?? Raja got so surprise when he woke up this morning with his papa by his side… oo…so sweeeeeeetttt……

I Love PAPA!!!

3 respons untuk ‘An Unimportant thing :)

  1. I don’t think that it’s because of the blogs u read. However i believe that it’s all becoz of u’re in the LAZY MODE today 😀 😀

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